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hey, you.

The short story: My name is Lizzy and I am a creative probem solver.


The long story: I’ve been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember; I painted before I could hold a pencil. As I grew into my practice as a teenager, I focused on printmaking. My expressive and often haphazard mark-making breathes life and personal experience into my work. It creates a longing for understanding the mind which moves quickly and fills the world with energy. 


Truthfully, I stumbled upon design by accident. My freshman year of undergrad, I took an introductory graphic design class for my art minor and it was love at first sight ­­— or, to be more correct, love at first InDesign project. I immediately knew that I belonged on the creative side of business. I have a greater appreciation for the process every day. 


Outside of work, I am an avid indoor cyclist and mac ‘n’ cheese connoisseur. I’m a sucker for a good iced coffee and spend my weekends strolling the aisles of Target.

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