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logan street market

branding + photography + media planning

The Logan Street Market project started out as a social media manager position with the intention to highlight vendors, promote events, and get the community excited about the market. The owner of Logan Street Market was also extremely interested in expanding content into Instagram Reels. I came up with a monthly content calendar, but soon realized that I didn’t have the visuals to support the needs of the market. To increase foot traffic, people really needed to see the market. I decided to take photography of the vendors, space, and specific events to promote the market on Instagram.


In the first 90 days, I increased overall engagement by 34% with over 339,000 impressions. Specifically looking at short form video content, an area Logan Street Market was looking to expand, I increased Reels engagement by 263%.


While the Logan Street Market brand didn’t need to start from scratch, it did need to be reorganized. Elements of the brand were outdated, but because brand recognition is so important for local establishments, we decided to revamp each piece of the brand then finalize it into a brand guide.


The conversation around Logan Street Market’s brand went all the way back to what is a brand, what uses the brand, and what exactly is the Logan Street Market brand. We then revisted pieces in the visual identity including updating the colors and creating palettes, adding additional typefaces to the typography to expand usability, and creating a style and tone for photography, communications, and social media. With examples and explanations for each section, the brand guide makes the Logan Street Market brand more approachable to someone that may not have previous experience with marketing or branding and can overall assist with making Logan Street Market more recognizable to the public.

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