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sabores de yucatán


awards: aiga 100 show winner (2023)

Packaging is the outside of a product that not only protects the product, but also draws in consumers and gives a brief introduction to it. It protects. It’s eye-catching. It introduces. It ultimately enhances the buying process. 


The challenge was to create a new approach to make-it-yourself dishes from other cultural cuisines that are minimally processed and preservative-free. Kits include a recipe for the dish, non-perishable ingredients, and a shopping list for the fresh foods the consumer will add. An approachable, convenient dinner from the Yucatán Penninsula.


I was inspired to create a Mexican brand after spending several weeks in Mexico City and Mérida during a study abroad class. Their rich culture and bold aesthetic creates an experience for all five senses that would be unique in an American market.


The elements I selected worked really well together, which I think speaks to the authenticity of the brand. I used the monument outline on low opacity in the background, focused on a large picture of the food, and added small touches like the rough edges around the shapes to match the typographic feel. 

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.58.05 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 9.59.47 PM.png
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