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smoketown laundromat

identity system

awards: hite institute of art & design student show (2022); aiga 100 show winner (2023)

team: landann brown, christie kremer, luke gurgel

The Smoketown Laundromat is a new community project led by YouthBuild Louisville, a local non-profit which assists young people in meeting significant life goals by providing services in education, vocational training, community service, and more.


The goal of this design project was to create a brand that is welcoming and friendly, reflective of YouthBuild Louisville’s overarching goal of creating a space that allows neighborhood residents to feel connected to their community while utilizing the amenities that are provided in the laundromat. The Smoketown Laundromat is an all-in-one community center that includes a laundromat, library, children’s area, and a general space to spend time with community members. Before the opening of the Smoketown Laundromat, there was not a public laundromat in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, so it was necessary to create a brand that is versatile and far-reaching that inspires all community members to return to and continue using the amenities provided.

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